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How Did We Get Here?

As I sit here with a spare moment to reflect on the question, "how did we get here?" I am in awe. Call it coincidences, destiny, or divine intervention. I prefer to call it a miracle made up of numerous tender mercies. I'm not saying that this journey of building a school in Ghana has been easy, but the countless tender mercies along the way have reminded me that the mounds of paperwork, five AM calls, and frequent negotiating to avoid paying the "obruni price" will all be worth it. When I look into the eyes of these beautiful, smiling children, I see so much potential, so much hope.

"The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create men (and women) who are capable of doing new things." - Jean Piaget

I am a strong believer in "teaching a man to fish" and even giving him a rod and net to get started. In our mission that translates to teaching a child to read and write; giving him or her that opportunity by building a school in their community. Thereby, creating the possibility for them to build a better family, community, country, and world.

I was sitting in an eye appointment earlier this week when I was asked to read the smallest line that I could. I paused (trying not to cry and blur my vision) and thought "what if I didn't know that letter was an 'A' or that number was a '5'?" I take for granted my ability to read and write every day. Even as I'm typing this, I cannot comprehend what my life would be like if I could not read the words on this page. It is truly humbling and at the same time overwhelming to think that so many around the world do not have the opportunity to go to school to learn something so basic and life changing.

I can honestly say that I don't know why our first school is being built in Kyekyewere, Ghana when there are countless other villages with the exact same needs. But it has been a privilege to come to know and love these beautiful people. To feel of their excitement for this school is to taste pure joy and hope for their children's future.

So "how did we get here?" Hard work for sure, but mostly tender mercies accumulating in a grand miracle.

With love,


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