We believe that education reduces poverty, boosts economic growth, and increases income. Through building more schools, we hope to break the cycle of poverty and brighten the futures of children in Ghana and Kenya.

With support from the following partners, we have been able to build one school in Ghana and hope to build many more! 

Corporate Partners
Building Blocks Ambassadors

Andrew & Rachel Skeen

Corporate Partner & Ambassador Opportunities:

There are several ways you can help BBA build more schools. We look forward to working with you and thank you for your partnership!

  • Donate. By contributing to BBA, you will help us to purchase building materials and hire local construction workers.

  • Make BBA your company/organization 'Charity of the Year'. We will assist you in sharing our mission and in hosting a company wide fundraising activity. 

  • Host a Fundraiser by donating a portion of your sales to build schools. If you own or manage a restaurant, venue, or store, this is a great option! We will work with you to schedule a BBA day or night at your establishment. 

  • Set up an Employer's Matching Gift Program. BBA is a 501c3 tax-exempt charitable organization eligible to receive Matching Gifts. You can provide a 100% match, doubling the value of employee donations. 

  • Become a Cause Marketing Partner. As a cause marketing partner, you will market or promote your involvement and support of BBA. This can include putting up a BBA poster or sign at your front desk or in your shop window. It can also include featuring BBA on your companies website and linking to our donation page. 

Corporate Partner

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