We work closely with our local partners to identify needs and develop long lasting solutions. Building Blocks is committed to building self-sustaining schools and supporting local economies. We purchase locally source materials and create jobs by hiring local contractors to build the schools. Community support and involvement is crucial to the success of our projects. Once built, the schools are managed by local directors.


Children Impacted:


Local Jobs Created:



Classrooms Built:


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Previous Projects:

Ghana - A Primary School for Kyekyewere


Kyekyewere is located near Dunkwa-on-offin in the Central Region of Ghana, West Africa. Due to overpopulation of the only primary school in the village, many children did not have the opportunity to gain an education.


In February 2019, our newly constructed school started admitting students. Now there are over 190 students learning within the walls of these classrooms; classrooms which were built by members of the community. 

We are excited to witness the school's self sustainability and growth in the years to come!

Kenya - A Classroom & Hygiene Facilities at Ilpoori

Ilpoori Primary School is located on The Masai Mara in Kenya. When we first visited the school, several students were attending class in a temporary mud room. There was one working latrine for all 240 students plus the faculty and staff.

In June 2019, two more latrines were installed as well as two shower rooms for the teachers living on campus. In January 2020, over 30 students were able to attend school in their newly constructed classroom.

We are greatly encouraged by the community's commitment to education and excited to see the future of these students!