KENYA - Enchorro Osiligi


The school is mostly populated by children from the Maasai Tribe. The tribe is one of the most well known tribes in Kenya. They are known for being herders and warriors. The men are known for protecting their villages from large animals and their ability to jump high. And the women are known for their beautiful bead work.  


The Ilpoori Primary School is located in a remote part of the Maasai Mara. It serves 9 grade levels. Currently there is one working latrine, 6 classrooms (three cement rooms, two small rooms made of mud and sticks and a one room church that serves as a classroom during the week). On the grounds there are also three unfurnished mud rooms for government provided teachers.



Currently there are 280 children attending Ilpoori Primary School. The school serves many Maasai villages and most of the children walk many miles through various animal territories to attend school everyday. Due to culture and various traditions, only 1/3 of the student population are females. 



Ilpoori recently received their 4th government teacher! Government teachers come from all over the country and live on campus. Each government teacher is provided a room built of mud and sticks. There are also teachers who commute daily to the school from local villages. During the dry seasons the Head Master also teaches classes as needed. 


Parents involvement and support has really kept the Ilpoori functioning through its expansion over the last few years. When they needed more classrooms - parents donated their time and resources to build two small mud and stick classrooms and provided funds for a metal roof. When the school needed repairs - parent took it upon themselves to collect money for construction tools. 



Building Blocks in Africa is working with Kenyan contractors through our local Director to build three more latrines for students and two shower facilities for the  onsite government teachers. Once these projects are complete, we are hoping to build additional permanent classrooms.